::: Yes, I Am Changing… :::

Message Of D Day


Days Slip Into Weeks, Weeks Turn Into Months And Months Transform Into Years. Calendars Are Changing And So Am I.

Yes, I Am Changing. *After Loving My Parents, My Siblings, My Spouse, My Children, My Friends, Now I Have Started Loving Myself.*

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Just Realised That I Am Not “ Atlas ” And The World Does Not Rest On My Shoulders.*

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Now Stopped Bargaining With Poor Vegetables And Fruits Vendors. After All, A Few Rupees More Is Not Going To Burn A Hole In My Pocket But It Might Help The Poor Fellow Save For His Daughter’s School Fees.*

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Pay The Autowalla / Cabbie And Walk Away Without Waiting For The Change. The Extra Money Might Bring A Smile On His Face. After All He Is Toiling Much Harder For A Living Than Me.*

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Stopped Telling The Elderly That They Have Already Narrated That Story Many Times. After All, The Story Makes Them Walk Down The Memory Lane And Relive The Past.*

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Have Learn Not To Correct People Even When I Know They Are Wrong. After All, The Onus Of Making Everyone Perfect Is Not On Me. Peace Is More Precious Than Perfection.*

Yes, I Am Changing.  *I Give Compliments Freely And Generously. After All Its A Mood Enhancer Not Only For The Recipient, But Also For Me*.

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Have Learnt Not To Bother About A Crease On My Shirt Or A Spot On My Pant. After All, Personality Speaks Louder Than Appearances*.

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Walk Away From People Who Don’t Value Me. After All, They Might Not Know My Worth, But I Do*.

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Remain Cool When Someone Plays Dirty Politics To Outrun Me In The Rat Race. After All, I Am Not A Rat And Neither Am I In Any Race*.

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Am Learning Not To Be Embarrassed By My Emotions. After All, It’s My Emotions That Make Me Human.*

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Have Learnt That Its Better To Drop The Ego Than To Break A Relationship. After All, My Ego Will Keep Me Aloof Whereas With Relationships I Will Never Be Alone*.

Yes, I Am Changing. *I Demand For Whatever Is Due To Me. After All, Accepting Injustice Is Almost As Bad As Doing Injustice*.

Yes, I Am Changing. *I’ve Learnt To Live Each Day As If It Were The Last. After All, It Might Be The Last*.

 Yes, I Am Changing. *I Am Doing What Makes Me Happy. After All, I Am Responsible For My Happiness, And I Owe It To Me.*

*AND I Am Happy For This New Change …..




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